Sight Installation

We only need your slide for sight installation; please do not ship the entire pistol. When sending your slide please include your name, billing address, shipping address and your daytime phone number. Also include the part number or description of the Heinie sights you want installed. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. You may include your card number and expiration date with the above information in your package with the slide or we will call you at the daytime phone number provided by you with your slide for payment. Ship to: Heinie Specialty Products, Inc., 301 Oak Street Suite 3-4, Quincy, IL 62301.

**Prices are for installation only and do NOT include the price of the sights or return shipping**

Slide Cost
Glock $40.00
Ultra Low Mount Rear Only $25.00
HK Sights $50.00
Ruger Sights $50.00
S&W Sights $50.00
XD Sights $50.00
1911 Sights (Heinie Dovetail) $150.00
Sig Sights $50.00
Browning Hi-Power Sights $185.00
Kimber Sights $50.00


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