Can a Heinie front or rear sight pair with another manufacturer?

Contact Heinie directly with this question. Depending on your specific pistol, it is possible to pair a Heinie front or rear sight what is already on your slide.

Do Heinie Glock sights require any filing for installation?

No. Heinie Glock sights are a “crush” dovetail fit. They do not need to be filed or altered in any way. Filing or altering the sights can cause the rear sight to fit incorrectly.

Does Heinie offer sights that utilize a 6 o’clock hold?

No. All Heinie sights are designed to “cover the target”. POA/POI

If I change the barrel in my pistol, will it still shoot POA/POI?

Any time you make after market changes to your pistol internally, it can affect the POA/POI.

Should I test fire my pistol before having new sights installed?

Yes. Heinie always recommends shooting your pistol before removing the factory sights. Heinie sights are designed as replacement sights and do not change the POA/POI. It is important to know how your pistol is shooting with the factory sights before making any changes.

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