Sig 1911 SlantPro Tritium Straight Eight Night Sights

Sig 1911 SlantPro Tritium Straight Eight Night Sights

Designed for the Sig 1911, this sight set features a rear sight that is slightly slanted forward.  All edges are rounded and contoured to be snag free perfect for conceal carry or EDC.  The forward slant combined with the rear face serrations virtually eliminates glare from any light source creating a crisp sight picture.  The legendary Straight Eight night sight system puts this set over the top as a must have.  One single tritium insert in the rear (for low-light and night-time shooting) that aligns vertically with the single tritium front insert (when used as a set) creates a distinctly clear sight picture.  This vertical alignment is proven to be faster and less confusing for the human eye. 

The rear sight has a melonite finish (rust resistant) and utilizes the Heinie EZ-Lock mechanism that allows the sight to slide smoothly into the rear dovetail yet remain secure on your slide once installation is completed properly.  Installation instructions are provided.

The front sight has a blued finish to allow for minor fitting prior to installation.  Rust preventative is recommended.




Front Specs

Dovetail Size
.330 x 65

Rear Specs

Notch Width
Dovetail Size
.500 x 65

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HSP Inc. does not accept any returns or exchanges on any product that has been installed and/or is in used condition. If you suspect your product is defective (as in, the tritium does not glow), the product will have to be returned to Heinie for inspection. Heinie cannot send out replacement products without having the originally purchased product in hand. If the item is determined defective, Heinie will send the sight out for the tritium vial to be replaced (in the originally purchased product). We do not replace the entire sight, only the tritium will be replaced. Turn around time to replace a broken or defective tritium vial usually takes about 3-4 weeks.

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