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Gun Sight

Gun Sights


The Heinie Classic is the original sight designed by Richard Heinie. It replaced an adjustable sight that had been used by the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) competitors. The Classic’s rear face features serrations to help defuse light.

The Classic style is ideal for recreational target shooting.



Our premier sight, the SlantPro, is an innovative sight style that raised the bar on design. The SlantPro is a forward-angled sight combined with rear sight serrations that eliminate glare.

Since SlantPro’s contoured design is snag-resistant, it’s ideal for conceal and carry uses and holstering.



Originally designed for military Special Forces use, the Ledge is a hybrid of the Classic and SlantPro. It incorporates the best features of both sight designs and allows you to clear your weapons with one hand in case of malfunction. Its unique deep, wide notch gives you faster acquisition of the front sight by allowing more visible light on each side.

While it was designed specifically for military use, the Ledge is now available to the general market.