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Q:  Do Heinie Glock sights require any filing for installation?

A:  No.  Heinie Glock sights are a “crush” dovetail fit.  They do not need to be filed or altered in any way.  Filing or altering the sights can cause the rear sight to fit incorrectly.


Q:  Should I test fire my pistol before have new sights installed?

A:  Yes.  Heinie always recommends shooting your pistol before removing the factory sights.  Heinie sights are designed as replacement sights and do not change the POA/POI.  It is important to know how your pistol is shooting with the factory sights before making any changes.


Q:  Will Heinie sights change my POA/POI?

A:  No.  Heinie sights are designed to directly replace the factory sights on your pistol.  The mathematical relationships between our front sight and our rear sight in a set are calculated to assure the factory POA/POI.


Q:  If I change the barrel in my pistol, will it still shoot POA/POI?

A:  Any time you make after market changes to your pistol internally, it can affect the POA/POI.


Q:  What is POA/POI?

A:  POA/POI stands for “point of aim, point of impact”.


Q:  Does Heinie offer sights that utilize a 6 o’clock hold?

A:  No.  All Heinie sights are designed to “cover the target”.  POA/POI


Q:  Can a Heinie front or rear sight pair with other manufacturers combinations?

A:  Contact Heinie directly with this question.  Depending on your specific pistol, it is possible to pair a Heinie front or rear sight what is already on your slide.