We received our NEW STI Costa Comp pistol just last week via UPS.  Talk about excited!  We could barely hold out long enought to grab a camera to record the "unveiling" of this beautiful pistol.  You can watch that video (recored "live") on our Facebook page!

We were fortunate to have the time this weekend, and the weather, to take this new beauty to the range.  We were NOT disappointed!  With all the class and quality that was promised by its packaging, this pistol performed flawlessly.  

I know what you are thinking...hey, that thing is a big pricey (or so I have read in a few of your FB/Instagram comments from our customers), but I am here to tell you - you get what you pay for!  This is a pistol that is realiable, comfortable in hand, beautifully crafted and accurate.  What more is needed?  It is worth every cent! Of course, one of our favorite features is the Heinie Ledge rear sight.  Quality sight for a quality pistol.  Our Ledge rear is perfect for this comp pistol, allowing for one-handed clearence drills and super fast pick up of the fiber-optic front.  Its a winning combination!