Lately Heinie customer service has been fielding multiple inquiries on how the Heinie HK EZ-Lock rear sights should be installed.  We have encountered installation mishaps by armourers and individuals alike.  There are a few key factors that need to be followed when installing these sights.  Sometimes I think we have made it too simple and everyone is looking for what is missing.  Installing our EZ-Lock sights is so easy its a snap!

1.  Remove factory sights.

2.  Clean dovetails of debris.

3.  Remove the Heinie EZ-Lock rear sight from package.

4.  Place the dowel rod (pin) into slot on the rear sight.

5.  Place a teeny bit of loctite on the screws (we prefer the pink).

6.  Start set screws (at an angle) into the screw holes on sight.

7.  Slide rear sight into dovetail on slide.

8.  Align the rear sight in the center of the dovetail cut on slide.

9.  Tighten set screws.

An important detail I want to share with you:

If you require an adjustment of your rear sight for windage, only loosen the rear screws.  You do not need to (and should not) remove the screws completely.  This will strip the screws and is not covered under warranty.  Barely loosen the set scews in your EZ-Lock rear sight and drift the sight for windange.  Tighten set screws and you are good to go!  Check out the attached youtube video for a visual step by step!

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